Molly Farrelly

Molly is a Chicago native, born and raised. She spent most of her adult life behind a desk, but always hoped for the courage to change careers and pursue performance. When Molly auditioned for the Cabaret Project, she hadn't been in a musical production since her high school production of Grease (naturally, she played Rizzo). Now, since joining The Cabaret Project, Molly has headlined solo shows at Uptown Underground and the Foundation Room of the House of Blues, she has guest starred in variety shows with 773, Debonair, Fizz Pub, The Drifter and more! and she even has a monthly gig bringing music and comedy to the hosting of "The House of Burlesque" in the Foundation Room! Molly came into The Cabaret Project as green as her Irish eyes, and has since become a valued member of our cast!