Lynne Jordan

This lady can sing it all and she does so with such power and ability that she captivates every soul in the house. Feet simply cannot sit still, bodies sway to the music, as people are transported into Ms. Jordan's world. With every show this powerhouse singer does, she wins a roomful of new fans and warms the hearts of those that have traveled far and wide to be part of the Lynne Jordan Experience. There is nothing quite like it, with touches of Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Nell Carter, Janis Joplin, Dinah Washington and Koko Taylor, blending them all together and then belting them out, showcasing her own unique style. You can visit Lynne's website, to check out her current schedule, hear samples of songs like "Great Big Woman" which her audiences beg her to sing over and over, and view an extended bio and client listing. Lynne's first solo CD entitled "a bit O' fun" will be released soon.