Kathleen McDonald

Kathleen is thrilled to be part of such a strong group of performers. After moving to Chicago 4+ years ago, Kathleen is relieved to be able to take years of pent up melodrama and share it on the cabaret stage. While operating as a smooth PR operator (Sade' reference anyone?) by day at GolinHarris, she's got some theater street cred from her years at Michigan State University. Dabbling in vocal performance and musical theater, Kathleen appeared in such productions as Oklahoma! (random soloist/scene stealer), Carousel (Carrie Pipperidge) and Into the Woods (The Baker's Wife), for which she won the East Lansing "Thespie" award for best supporting actress in a musical. The award is a fake gold star on a fake wooden plaque and to this day it still lives on the book shelf in her apartment. It's basically the same as a Tony--please don't try to fight her on that. Kathleen is deeply in love with anything musical, comical, theatrical, tragical, magical, etc. and likes to have a good cry while singing "For Good" from Wicked. Her favorite show will forever be Fiddler on the Roof and she HATES Suesical the Musical. Mostly because a kid at theater camp back in the day was in the original Broadway production and that's all he could talk about. And that made her jealous. She wishes to thank the brilliant cast at the Cabaret Project for giving her a chance and is excited for what the future may hold!